Nuclear Transportation Services - Front End

For more than 50 years, Edlow International Company has provided expert transportation management services to suppliers and buyers of natural and enriched uranium products. We serve clients on six continents and transport all forms of uranium - ranging from uranium concentrate to highly enriched material. The transport of uranium for the front end of the nuclear fuel cycle represents one of Edlow International's primary business segments.

Edlow International offers services to handle the numerous technical, logistical, regulatory, and policy issues that impact the transport of nuclear material. These services include:

  • Determining the most direct, secure, and cost-effective transportation modes and carriers;
  • Ensuring proper packaging and minimizing package rental costs;
  • Arranging for required import and export licenses, as well as transit approvals;
  • Managing all shipping documentation, tracing, and logistics;
  • Arranging for loss and damage, war risk, and nuclear liability insurance;
  • Providing emergency response planning;
  • Overseeing the entire transport process to meet critical deadlines and ensure cost-effective delivery.

Specialized Issues

Uranium Ore Concentrate:
Edlow International transports natural uranium from all of the world's producing nations to all consuming nations. We manage all aspects of packaging and shipping for the annual delivery of millions of pounds of uranium ore concentrate to conversion facilities.

Natural Uranium Hexafluoride:
To meet the special requirements for shipping natural uranium hexafluoride, Edlow International provides approved cylinders and manages transport in specially designed cradles and steamship containers.

Enriched Uranium:
Edlow International manages the complex transportation requirements for enriched uranium, including low enriched material for commercial nuclear reactors and reduced-enrichment research and test reactors, as well as higher-enriched uranium for research. We provide the specialized packaging necessary to transport this material, and ensure secure carriage for all modes of transportation. Edlow International ships enriched uranium in both product and sample quantities from enrichment plants and other suppliers to users worldwide.

Fuel Components:
Edlow International manages international shipments of enriched uranium powder, fuel pellets, and fuel assemblies. We are well-equipped to meet the special challenges of transporting fuel components to meet the needs of utilities seeking new sources of supply in an expanding nuclear fuel market. Our extensive expertise also allows us to assist clients with the complexities of customs duties which are often levied on fabricated fuel assemblies.

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