Transport Services from Russia

Edlow International Company has been providing nuclear transportation services from Russia for over 20 years. We have a long-term working relationship with our Russian partners, who are responsible for transportation activities within Russia on behalf of Russian nuclear material suppliers. Our subsidiary, Edlow East-West, is situated in Saint Petersburg to interact with Russian material suppliers, regulators, and transport organizations to ensure that customer requirements are fulfilled and that imports and exports are expedited in a timely fashion. These direct links to Russia make Edlow International uniquely qualified to manage shipments of radioactive material for both the nuclear fuel cycle and the research community.

Edlow International offers a full range of nuclear transport services associated with commercial and government transactions in Russia. These services include:

  • Obtaining the necessary import and export authorizations and assisting with documentation for shipments to and from Russia;
  • Ensuring proper package supply and full regulatory compliance for all shipments;
  • Monitoring the progress of inland Russian shipments to ensure timely delivery to Russian ports;
  • Managing shipments of blended-down high enriched uranium (HEU) from Russia under the United States-Russia HEU Agreement;
  • Providing independent witnessing services at Russian enrichment facilities for the weighing and filling of product and sample cylinders.

Specialized Issues

Creating Opportunities for Exchange:
Edlow International has increased awareness of specific regulatory standards for nuclear material among entities conducting business in Russia. By co-sponsoring seminars involving organizations from the U.S., Russia, and Europe, Edlow International has created unique opportunities to discuss regulatory, safeguards, and security issues in a cooperative framework. We work closely with our Russian partners to promote direct communication between production sites, transporters, and government representatives to facilitate improvement in equipment and technology, and coordinate responses to issues of safety.

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