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National and international regulations apply to the equipment used to transport nuclear material. Each uranium product, radioactive isotope, and fuel component requires a specific type of package, and in some cases, an additional protective overpack. This equipment must be regularly refurbished and recertified. It is critical to ensure that each piece of equipment is well-maintained throughout every leg of a nuclear shipment to ensure protection of the radioactive contents.

Edlow International Company has extensive experience with nuclear material packaging. We own and have access to the cylinders, casks, cradles, valve protection devices, and protective overpacks necessary to transport virtually any nuclear material for research, commercial power, or industrial applications. Edlow International ensures that all equipment is in good condition and meets current regulations for each shipment. In addition, Edlow International expedites transport and return of packages in order to minimize rental costs for clients.


Edlow International provides extensive packaging services for nuclear material. These services include:

  • Providing cylinders, casks, and protective overpacks for routine shipments;
  • Arranging for fabrication and purchase of made-to-order packages for special nuclear material;
  • Managing the cleaning and recertification of cylinders;
  • Expediting shipments to reduce package rental costs.

Specialized Issues

Package Supply:
Edlow International supplies state-of-the art packages for the transport of nuclear material. Our company owns protective overpacks for the transport of enriched uranium hexafluoride, and 20-foot ocean containers that have been specially modified to secure cylinders of natural and enriched uranium hexafluoride. In addition, Edlow International can arrange for the rental of specialized packages to accommodate nearly any nuclear material. Clients can also rely on Edlow International to oversee the fabrication and purchase of containers for specific purposes.

Regulatory Compliance:
The United States (U.S.) Department of Transportation, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and international agencies specify packaging requirements for nuclear material. Edlow International keeps abreast of changing regulations to ensure that packages are in compliance with current requirements in all countries through which materials move. We also handle the certification of nuclear transport cylinders, which must be regularly cleaned and recertified. Edlow International ensures that equipment is in good condition to meet the requirements of all ports and carriers.

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