Edlow International, now an internationally recognized company, provides superior services in the following areas:

Transport - Linking Each Stage of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Edlow International provides a full spectrum of services in transportation management and material procurement spanning the entire nuclear fuel cycle. We serve clients on six continents and transport all forms of radioactive material - from uranium ore concentrates, low enriched uranium, and fuel assemblies to high enriched uranium, spent fuel, and plutonium. Additionally, we manage the transport of research and industrial isotopes, ensuring that these delicate and critically important materials are expertly handled. From rate negotiation to packaging and security, Edlow International can meet all of your transport needs.

Information - The Essential Conduit

Edlow International recognizes the critical interdependence of information and the safe movement of specialized, high-value goods. In response to the need for timely information about international trends and regulations affecting nuclear material and other sensitive commodities, Edlow provides comprehensive services in regulatory compliance, import and export licensing, and legislative analysis.

We monitor legislative and regulatory developments to assist government agencies and international companies in the implementation of bilateral and multilateral agreements affecting nuclear material. In addition, we perform tailored feasibility studies to guide our clients in material procurement and transport strategies that reflect emerging political and industrial trends and applicable regulations.

Edlow International's services cover the full spectrum of the nuclear transport lifecycle.  Specific areas of specialization include:

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